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BUDAYAW Colloquium

November 20, 2019 - November 22, 2019

Theme: Beauty in Cultural Diversity

Thematic discussion topic:

DAY 1 Topic : Policy

  • Funding remains the industry’s biggest challenge. Therefore, how policy makers and agencies are able to facilitate funding activities meant for practitioners and researchers, in their development and promotion activities, that could be key to the improvement of the BIMP-EAGA arts & culture industry
  • BIMP-EAGA’s perspective on the sustainability of arts & culture and the future of cross-border collaboration through arts & craft / music & dance / textile & fashion

DAY 2 Topic : Promotion

  • Promoting ways for arts & culture within BIMP-EAGA region to stay current and relevant in an ever evolving society by promoting it to the youth and grassroots upbringing for the next generation.
  • Making use of today’s technology to allow more people to be exposed to BIMP-EAGA’s unique arts and crafts (e.g. turning arts and crafts into main stream popularity)

DAY 3 Topic : Development

  • How to develop cultures in BIMP-EAGA in order for it to stay current while preserving the authenticity of its origin. (e.g. reviving handwoven crafts, pottery, Chinese opera)
  • Protecting Intellectual Properties and Creative Rights of art and culture in the modern world as well as authenticity and its origin.
  • Cultivating the “mindset of acceptance” of art and culture as a main stream profession
  • Authenticity vs. Modern contemporary

Proposed Colloquium daily schedule

  • 1 Keynote speaker and 1 closing plenary speaker from selected country will be given a 30min slot at the beginning and closing of each day.
  • Speaker from each country will have their 30minutes slot to present daily based on the selected topic
  • Therefore, each country will need to source for either 1 key note or 1 plenary speaker and 3 other speakers for the different daily topic.

Event Director:
Chew Chang Guan (Business Events Sarawak)

The Colloquium aims to bring together scholars, researchers, policy makers and cultural workers in the BIMP EAGA to discuss and share experiences on the development of culture and arts, and its governance in the region. It also aims to foster the exchange of ideas about the future of regional cooperation on culture and arts.

Specifically, it aspires to:

  • Share the richness and the uniqueness of culture and arts of the region;
  • Document the wealth of knowledge, experiences, and practices in the development, promotion and preservation of cultural heritage in the BIMP EAGA;
  • Strengthen partnership among cultural workers in the region to create a cultural voice in championing regional exchanges and collaboration in culture and the arts; and
  • Engender a more inclusive design and implementation of policies, programs and other initiatives that will address the concerns for greater cultural cooperation in the BIMP EAGA.

Number of Speakers: 1 speaker for each topic per each country


November 20, 2019
November 22, 2019


Waterfront Hotel
68, Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg
Kuching, Sarawak 93000 Malaysia
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+60 82-227 227