Festival Components

Joint Performances during the Opening Ceremony of the 3rd Budayaw Festival

Opening Ceremonies (Dance Performances)

A bustling opening ceremony of the 3rd BIMP-EAGA Budayaw Festival of Culture and Arts 2021 themed “Deep in the Eyes, Close to the Heart”. Attending as Guest of Honour was the Honourable Major General (R) Dato Paduka Seri Awang Haji Aminuddin Ihsan bin Pehin Orang Kaya Saiful Mulok Dato Seri Paduka Haji Abidin, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Brunei Darussalam.

The opening ceremony features vibrant cultural showcases of music and dance performances performed by artists from the BIMP-EAGA region.

Fashion Webinars and Fashion Film Showcases

Fashion dialogues aim to nurture a greater understanding and appreciation of the BIMP-EAGA Fashion Industry through educational, experience and knowledge sharing discussion and dialogues. These dialogues will discuss activities and challenges of the fashion industry, identify business opportunities and how technology can be used to showcase fashion trends to a wider audience.

Fashion Webinar and Film Showcase – Dialogue 1

Virtual Fashion Dialogue Day 2 – Fashion and Technology


budayaw 2021 fashion show

Visual Arts Exhibition

An online showcase of artworks which represent the cultures of the BIMP-EAGA region that brings in narratives about history, tradition, practices and environment as well as the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on people’s daily lives.

First floor’s narrative, “Deep”
“Traditions” are what has been buried deep in our roots. Despite the ever changing glory of modernization, the knowledge preserved by our ancestors will forever be embedded and engraved in our hearts, as it runs in our blood and soul.

Second floor’s narrative, “In the Eyes”

“Abstract” can be seen as a road to endless possibilities. It is translated in visual poetry that can be decoded by the work of our continuously stimulated mind. The obsession of being curious and finding more than an exact answer of what meets the eyes, is a beautiful process of an artistic mind.

Third floor’s narrative, “Close to the Heart”

“The Youth” has gracefully flourish, along with the exponential growth of Technology and Globalization as we try to adapt ourselves in the setting of the world today. Humanity will never be short of its brilliance, as long as we provide light and guidance, and pave way for future generations. There is a need to hold that responsibility of preserving our cultural identities that is deeply rooted into our mother ground. Throughout the years, it has branched out to different parts of the world and in no doubt,  the need to seek knowledge, peace and unity can be found in today’s society and it can be retained for more years to come.