Jewels of the EAGA: Bringing Traditional Dances to a Contemporary Space

By Roel Hoang Manipon The variety of colors of the costumes vivified under the sunshine, filtering through the skylight in an area already suffused with artificial lighting. The audience sat in an air-conditioned comfort, surrounded by glass-fronted storefronts that beckoned with the latest fashion, gadgets, toys, and trinkets that were perfectly manufactured, and watched the […]

Performing Connections, Connecting Performances

The stage transformed into one glimmering, colorfulworld of its own, with people resplendent in traditional attires and inventive costumes, communicated and communed through smiles, gentle sway of the hands, rhythmic thumping of the feet and songs. Everyone came from different places but they came together, for the first time, for a short time, and interacted […]