Opening Ceremonies

‘Launching of Budayaw Festival 2019’ held at Plaza Merdeka, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia from 2.00 pm to 4.30pm. Delegates of Negara Brunei Darussalam, led by Mr Awang Amirul, Acting Director for Brunei Museum Department with a total number of 39 delegates, while the host Malaysia, was led by Mr Hii Chang Kee, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Sarawak and Festival Chairman of the 2nd BIMP-EAGA Budayaw Festival with a total number of 174 delegates. The Philippines was led by Ms. Adel Suemith, current head of the BIMP-EAGA Socio-Cultural Group and the Head of the Program Monitoring and Evaluation Division (PMED) of the NCCA with 70 delegates while Indonesia with 100 delegates led by Mr. Nadjamuddin Ramly, Director of Heritage and Culture Diplomacy Indonesia.

Our Creative Diversity:
Colloquium & Exhibition

This is intended to raise the level of appreciation and understanding among students, educators and media practitioners on the peoples of the BE region. Selected resource persons will be invited to shed light on the past cultural and economic exchanges in the region, as well as share the present issues and future programs of the four countries.

Under One Sky:
Visual Arts Exhibits and Talk

Feast your eyes on the beautiful and fascinating works of art created by contemporary visual artists from Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysian Borneo, and the Philippines at the Visual Arts Exhibition and Outdoor Installation Arts. Only at the 2nd BIMP-EAGA Budayaw Festival.

Event Directors:
Harold Reagan Eswar (Kota Kinabalu City Council)
Gerald Goh (Sarawak Arts Association)

Voices Rising for Peace & Harmony:
A Youth Choral

Be inspired by the youths of the BIMP region as they convey messages of peace and harmony through their songs.

Event Directors:
Adsone Matthew Mitty Gabu (University Malaysia Sabah)
Saidful Hamdan (Sarawak Arts Council)

Jewels of EAGA:
Dance, Music & Drama Performances

While music is the universal language of mankind, dance is the hidden language of the soul. Get captivated by the different dance performances by some of BIMP region’s inspiring traditional and contemporary dancers.
Event Directors:
Adzhar Julaihi (Sarawak Arts Council)
Nelson Brey Lawrence (Sabah Cultural Board)

Fashion Show

Fashion is a style of life. The Budayaw Fashion Show at the 2nd BIMP-EAGA Budayaw Festival – Where tradition meets fashion.

Event Directors:
Fiona Marcus Raja (BE Business Council Sarawak)
Ting Yi Hang (BE Business Council Sabah)
Azhar Othman (BE Business Council Labuan)

Intertwining Dreams:
Master Weavers

The ikat weaving is a traditional handicraft that is common in the BIMP region. At the exhibition, the audience gets to watch invited weavers from each member-country demonstrate their weaving skills and techniques to reflect the diversity of designs and context of the BIMP.

Event Directors:
Janet Rata Noel
Melia Linggi

Narratives of Earth Music
Showcase of Indigenous Music

Music is the universal language of mankind. Across the BIMP region, music breaks barriers and unites the people of the different member-states. Experience and be enthralled by the indigenous music showcased at the 2nd BIMP-EAGA Budayaw Festival.

Event Directors:
Fadzly Abdullah (Sarawak Arts Council)
Jason Blasius (Sabah Cultural Board)

Tourism Expo

Appreciate the beauty of the BIMP region as representatives of Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysian Borneo, and the Philippines display the marvels and treasures of BIMP-EAGA.

Creativity Crafts

A walk through the crafts exhibition at the 2nd BIMP-EAGA Budayaw Festival where delegates display unique merchandises from their states. Get your hands on one of these and take home a pinch of the different cultures of the BIMP.

Taste of BIMP-EAGA
by Asia Food Kitchen

Food is quite possibly the biggest part of a culture. The 2nd BIMP-EAGA Budayaw Festival is ttheperfect place to sample tasty delicacies from Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysian Borneo, and the Philippines.

Event Director:
Kamarul Bakeri (Borneo TRU Events)
Level 2, Plaza Merdeka

Community Outreach

Reach out to the various cultures in the BIMP-REAGION as delegates from Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines showcase and sher their unique culture at the 2nd BIMP-EAGA Budayaw Festival.

2019 Budayaw Calendar of Activities